Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend Plans

Well, new friends, I have lot's of ideas for projects for Christmas gifts.  I really need to graduate from bookmarks and doilies to 3-D projects.  Any ideas?  My church is having a craft fair this year, but there is no way I could have enough stuff to participate this year.  So, I will be working towards having stuff for next year.  I will have lots of time for tatting this weekend to get started.  Hopefully I will be able to post some pics after this weekend. 

My husband was getting tired of seeing my supplies laying around, and it is a real pain to pick them up all the time.  Solution:  I  purchased one of those boxes that looks like a book for the "coffee" table which is really a chest.  Voila!!  My supplies are handy to pick up while watching TV as I am a multi-tasker and can never just sit and watch TV or a movie, but out of sight when I am not using them.  :-)

I am looking forward to this Sunday afternoon.  There is a lace making guild that meets on the second Sunday of each month.  I am planning to attend this month.  :-))  I am so excited!!

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