Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am a "self taught tatter" after lots of reading and watching youtube videos.  I started learning to tat late in 2011.  At first it was just a novelty until I saw how inherently intertwined my other new passion Fractal Geometry (as you non-math geeks yawn)is with tatting. The repeating patterns, shifted, flipped, rotated, shrunk and stretched are the basic concepts of fractal geometry. I am totally and eternally hooked. 

I cannot resist giving a breif description of fractal geometry because it is an integral part of our everyday lives.  That cell phone you are holding would not work without its fracal antenna.  You would not be breathing without the fractal branching of your airways.  The lacey appearance of bare winter trees against a gray winter sky is the beauty of fractals.  Fractal geometry can accurately predict the branching of trees.  It can also accurately calculate the perimeter of cloud formations.  Just a taste of the power and importance of fractals.
After throwing many starts away, I have made several bookmarks, but now I am working on doilies for my daughter's wedding.  At the moment she is thinking burlap and lace for a theme, so lots and lots of doilies.
As I hinted earlier, I am a math geek with a masters in mathematics.  After years of working as a private tutor and teaching math classes for home school students, I am now working as an accountant full time.  Yawn.  I am still tutoring upper level students in the evenings to keep my sanity.  Don't get the wrong idea, I love my job, especially my co-workers and the location of our offices - a converted ranch house on a working ranch with lots of wild life frequenting the pasture outside my window.

That is all for now.  I will post some of my work later.

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