Thursday, January 28, 2016

What to tat.... Part two

As I stated in my last post I am tatting my way through tatting books.  I started on one book, but the patterns required too much cutting, tying and hiding of ends.  Blehch!!!  Who likes to do that all the time?  I did one pattern that required me to hide ends 6 times for just 6 inches of edging.  It would take a long time to make a useful length of edging hiding ends that frequently.  Additionally, I do not like how chopped up that type of pattern looks.  They lack continuity - start, stop, start, stop...  So I switched to Ann Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns. 

I find some of her patterns hard to follow as they are written in paragraph form so I rewrite them in symbol form first.  I will mount my samples on something and then post pictures.  I probably will not do the large doilies as I am not much of a doily person, but I will do all the edgings and the medalians.

TIAS 2016 Day 9
I am participating in Jane Eboral's Tat it and See.  She has totally throw me for a loop.  I was convinced it was a frog, but it most definitely is not a frog after today's piece of the puzzle!!  Now I am totally baffled.  My frog had developed a strange appendage.  However, living in Oklahoma we have creatures called horny toads.  They actually have horns.  Maybe I was not off by so much after all.  Yeah, right!! Jane has a really good trick up her sleeve.

My husband suggested a jester's hat or a scorpion.  Oh, how I hope it is not a scorpion!!  I am terrified of arachnids, and scorpions are arachnids. I do like the jester hat idea though.  Maybe it is a girl with a pony tails? Jane has out done herself this time, but she thinks we should all get it with today's bit of pattern.  Hmmm... Maybe I was too stuck on the frog idea to see anything else right a way.  It is kind of funny how at least my brain works that way.  I have to let go of one idea before I can see another take shape.  

I have continued knitting my way through the pattern book I started last time as well, but I did get a tad bit distracted.  My daughter went away to school and she needs a bright scarf to wear with her black coat.  Here is what I am working on for her.  I will also make me one in red.

Sarah's Scarf

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