Thursday, March 5, 2015

Oils - Essential or NOT

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I have found a new version of 'toxic clouds'.  The "essential oil" toxic cloud.  I cannot wait for the latest reincarnation of the multi-level marketing scheme to lose its ap-"peal".

I guess I should start by defining "toxic cloud".  A toxic cloud is any person who leaves a cloud of fragrance behind them wherever they go or can be smelled from outside their personal space - two maybe three feet away.

Why do I consider them toxic?  There are many people in this world that suffer from various forms of parosmia - diseases and/or reactions which are triggered by odors or a distortion in the perception of odors.  I know several people who experience instant, debilitating migraines if someone cuts a lemon or orange near them.  Another person I know cannot walk through a rose garden without getting a migraine.  Various other natural odors trigger migraines.  Then there are the artificial fragrances, which literally are toxic - air fresheners, laundry product (both detergent and fabric softeners), perfumes and colognes, lotions, cleaning products, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners.  The list goes on and on.  Doctors have noted that adolescence is starting at younger and younger ages.  Studies have proven that this is a direct result of the hormone stimulating chemicals in artificial fragrances.  Some components in air fresheners combine with natural, indoor "pollutants" to form formaldehyde.  So, yes, artificial fragrances literally are toxic.

Migraines are not the only disease triggered by odors.  Seizures and asthma can also be triggered by odors.  I have heard of someone (a friend of a friend and medical professional) who actually passes out when they smell certain odors.  I suffer from both migraine and asthma triggered by odors.   The only odors I can rely on not triggering something are peppermint and lemon.  Then there are those with the distortions of scents.  What you consider to smell nice and fresh literally smells extremely foul to them.  Coffee may be perceived as excrement or skunk for example.

I have been feeling progressively worse all week.  I would walk past a co-worker's office and smell this sort of dry, musky odor.  They would come into my office and I would smell the same odor.  I made the mistake of going into their office to file something and the odor was so strong it took my breath away - literally!!!  I had smelled it several times while sitting at my desk which is at least ten feet from my office door, and their desk is at least another eight feet from there.  I could smell their oil from up to 18 feet away.  That qualifies them for the distinction of Toxic Cloud Royale.

I found out today that they have started using an "essential" oil.  They have applied this oil no less than five times in a nine hour work day (we get an hour for lunch).  At least with perfumes and colognes the bottle is left at home!  I have had a head ache since walking into my co-worker's office and I coughed for at least an hour taking numerous hits of my inhaler while coughing up copious amounts of mucous. 

I really don't understand this fad.  "Essential" oils are supposedly healing and good for you.  What do they actually heal?  From what I have seen from a faithful user, they have to be used very frequently just to mask a symptom. Is that what you would consider healing?  Then, well, they are certainly not good for some people triggering a disease/reaction.  Also, please remember that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  What the wearer/user thinks smells good may be offensive to those around them. 

On another line of logic, I find the use of "essential" oils offensive for religious reasons.  In researching the particular oil my co-worker is using its purpose is not physical healing, but spiritual healing.  It is to "ward off" negative energy, promote confidence (not that they need it, they are the "what ever I need to do to climb that corporate ladder type, even if it I insult and walk all over my co-workers to do it" type) and other such things.  Anyway, the practice of using "essential" oils is steeped in New Age philosophies, especially this particular oil.  As a Christian, God heals our spirit through reading His Word and His Holy Spirit, not an "essential" oil.  I personally have found that the best relief for "negativity" is praise and worship.  Instead of focusing on the problem I am better off focusing on God's power over the problem.  God is above what ever problem comes my way. 

Further more, every instance of oil in the New Testament uses the Greek work which means "olive oil".  So in James 5:14 where oil is used for anointing the sick it is olive oil, not an "essential" oil. 

I will say that God has a sense of humor.  I am looking forward to my "new and whole" body once I get to heaven.  I certainly would not enjoy God's idea of "heavenly" odors.  In this body, I would be running as fast I could away from that tabernacle incense containing frankincense and cinnamon, especially the cinnamon.

Well, that went off on a tangent.

I guess I should say that I am not categorically against "essential" oils.  I do find my allergist's mixture useful for masking triggering odors on occasion, when it does not trigger itself.  It contains peppermint oil which I do find helpful on its own. 

I am against people going out in public forcing their choices on others.  We have laws against people smoking in public, keeping them from forcing their life choice on others, unfortunately many smokers still reek when you are forced to stand behind them in line at the post office.  I don't force people to take my 'drugs' yet I am being forced to "use" my co-worker's "drug of choice" and I have to live with its "side effects".

If you have not guessed by now, I do not feel that "essential oils" are essential.  I feel their lack of reliable effectiveness qualifies them to be called "snake oil".  The proverbial con-man's miracle tonic.  Additionally, the fact that these oils have strong odors carrying your choices into the personal space of others.  They pose health threats to others the user may encounter.  I will be very glad when this fad and multi-level marketing scheme follows its predecessors and loses its ap-"peal". 

I am going to post this now, but I will come back and edit it as well.

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