Thursday, July 18, 2013

What is rare these days?

Let's be honest... we know most people these days are self absorbed and will do little to help other people (unless it is a major catastrophe).  Good service seems to be a thing of the past (unless you are at Chic-fil-a), and greed tends to be the rule.  Almost everyone thinks of ME, ME, ME.  Well, the key words there are "most", "seems", and "almost".

Today I was privileged to meet some body whose motto for life seemed to be "How can I help you?  I am here to serve you."

I don't think I have mentioned this before, and I don't want to dwell on it, but I am a severe asthmatic.  Someone at work was kind enough to come to work with a 103* fever and walking pneumonia.  Of course they shared with me.  Well, this morning my nebulizer stopped working, and with walking pneumonia I really need it.  I called my allergist who had sold me the unit 5 years ago.  They said to call their supplier.  The doctor's sales rep called me within the hour and was at MY OFFICE with a replacement unit by 12:15 PM today.  Now, my office is in a ranch house that has been converted into the corporate offices for the company.  The owner of the company still raises Red Angus on the ranch.  Get the picture?  When I am at work, I am at least 7 miles from civilization!!  At least 20 miles from the sales rep's offices (I have been there to pick up parts before).

I just have to say that there still are people out there who care about others and will go OUT OF THEIR WAY to help.  Who ever raised that young man should be very proud of him.  He is a RARE breed.

I hope you can see the good in someone today and give thanks for them.

Not about tatting, but "My Life."

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