Thursday, April 11, 2013

WHOOT!  WHOOT!!!  I am very excited tonight. 

This is a "My Tatting Life" post. 

For the first time in five years I have found a scented lotion that I can use.  In 2008 I developed severe asthma.  I have serious  asthma attacks when exposed to odors (even food), so maybe you can imagine my EXCITEMENT!!

Hempz Fresh Guava and Lemograss Aroma Therapy Lotion.  Hempz is test marketing a line of aroma therapy products.  Other fragrances being tested include Bergamot Lavender and Mandarin Orange & Sandlewood which I have not tried yet.  Check to see if a salon near you is included in the test market.  I know OK, USA is!  Woo Hoo!!!  I guess you should know that my husband is a salon product sales representative so we get LOTS of samples. 

Along those same lines, I have not polished my finger nails in several years either.  It takes about three days for me to stop smelling them.  YUCK!!  Then they start chipping.  Why bother with polish.  By the time I can enjoy them they start getting chipped.  He just brought home a starter set for gel nail polish.  My daughter used it today, and I can't smell them at all.  I can't wait to give myself a manicure!! 

It has been awhile.  I still LOVE the Hemps Guava and Lemongrass.  The other fragrances did not  stay in the house.  DH was so thoughtful and got several bottles while he could. 

The nail polish is a "no go" however.  Oh, it does not smell, and it wears beautifully.  However, it requires an adhesive, and I am allergic to adhesives.  Have your nails ever hurt?  Mine did! 

"My Tatting Life"

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